March 03, 2006

What's the deal-e-o??

So you may be wondering where the heck I have been, why the heck have I been so busy and where is the KNITTING? After all, isn't this a knitting blog???

Here it is-
For the past 2 and 1/2 weeks hubby and I have been busily getting the Noodle House cleaned up and shiny.
We did some amazing amounts of "de-cluttering" (read as, Vanessa had to pack up ALL her knick-knacks, personal photos, and organize her crafting goodies-waaaaa!!!).
We also did some major spring cleaning (although it is snowing today, spring-shming) and some final touches on the house (trim that never got put up, painting scuff marks, fixing squeaky doors).
All because... Drum roll please..........
We are buying a NEW HOUSE!! I am so excited. Only I don't want to get to excited because the purchase is contingent on us selling our place by April 15th. (Anyone want to buy a house???)
The new house is about .5 miles away from the current one is just south of a VERY nice park here in town that includes an arboretum, a museum, a kiddy park, a play ground, dog play area and is also home of the Reno Hot Air Ballon Races, the Chautauqua, Fourth of July fireworks extravaganza and many many many other events.
The house is much bigger (about 2000 square feet bigger)!! than our current house, has a 3 car "man-landia", er I mean garage, as well as a real dining room. We are still close to my mom and to hubby's parents as well as quite a few of our friends- in other words, we are in the 'hood still. And that make me happy. We are still close to the University, to down town, to I-80 and to our jobs. Plus there is a park, oh yeah, I already said that. But it is like, in our back yard practicaly.. I can't stop.

Any whooo... I am hoping this weekend lends itself to a bit of knitting. I am anxiously awaiting my order from Roxanne over at Zen Yarn Garden for Project Spectrum (I am going with this color, isn't it yummy? and will knit up som fabu socks!). And need to get on my Project Spectrum Post card swap too- I have been doing a bit of research on my swapee's blog and I think I have a few really good ideas.
I am also plotting my next giftee for the Felted Secret Pal present.
I am really looking forward to some creativity time!

I almost forgot two other things going down in the world of knitting and blogs...
1. Tickets are being purchased for the Pitch 'n' Stitch SF Giants game this summer. It is going to be a blast. I am hoping to organize a "yarn crawl" while we are all there. I think I have a few yarn connections in the Bay Area and it would be so fun to get to meet you all and go yarnin' around the City.
2. There is some "Fugly" going on over at PennyKarma. Go and read her HYSTERICAL POST and egg her on. Nothing says fugly like a Grover Skin Poncho.

Lovely, jus lovely....


kate said...

here's to everything working out in the house area! i'll send some house-selling vibes your way.

Jennifer said...

A new house! How exciting! I'm sending you fast home selling vibes.

caro said...

New house! Fun! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Stacie said...

new houses are the best! they have that new house smell... mmm
I changed my URL, and now it's just to let ya know. good luck with all!

Kimberly said...

Good luck on selling the house!! Squee!!

Jess said...

So exciting! Good luck on the house :o)