December 14, 2005

Secret is OUT!

I am off to sunny & warm (hopefully) Arizona tomorrow...
The same state that my lovely package for the Knitting Chicks secret pal holiday swap came from.
I wasn't supposed to open my package until the 16th but since I am going to be out of town I decided to go ahead and open it.
I wanted to be able to tell my swapper pal thank you! She did an excelent job and I really love the contents of my pacakge. Thank you Elaine!
She sent me almost as much chocolate as yarn. Some new purple folding scissors, cable needles (which I didn't have before and now I have no excuse to not learn how to cable), a cute tote bag that she decorated, a knitting magazine and two kid hat patterns. She also included a dishcloth that she made and a candle! What fun.
The best part about the package was the yarn-I really love the it. There appears to be enough there to make a sweater!... Now to just find a pattern that I like.
It is too late tonight to post the pictures I took, but will do so next week when I am more awake and have the patience/energy for dealing with Flickr and Blogger...
Thanks again! I really love the goodies you sent!

This swap was a ton of fun. I had a great time making my tote and other goodies to go inside- I will post pictures of what I sent out when I know my swapee has received her gift.

In other knitting news:
I was able to finish one of the Mrs. B wrist warmers. I really like it, but if I was going to make it again I would definitely do fewer stitches around the wrist. I had to adjust it a 15th row so that they won't fall off of my wrists. Also I think there is a mistake in the pattern... there is a part that says (p1, k3) last three stitches p1 k3.... So that makes last four stitches, not four. If you do p1, k2 it works out because you start the next round with k1 (p1 k3)... I think I will contact the designer (she probably already caught this, or maybe I was doing something wrong... but)

The black and pink/fuscia really look pretty together and I love the fuzzy-ness of two fibers together.

must sleep... Very tired and I have to get up and work tomorrow before the flight.
I promise pictures next week (maybe even some from my little vacation too!)
have a great weekend everyone in blogville...


me myself and i said...

have a fun and warm time in Arizona!!

Nessie Noodle said...

WOW I just read that post and I MUST have been tired! I have spelling errors and all sorts mistakes... oops Sorry!

Sue said...

Looks like you had a great secret pal!! Have fun in Arizona.

Iris said...

Hi Nessie!
Hope you had a lovely time in Arizona & looking forward to seeing some photos - maybe also of your stained glass projects?
I'm about to finish that lampshade...