December 01, 2005

I love rock and roll-

... Here is how the day started. I went for a walk and saw this!

it has been awesome out in the mornings. The sunrise makes the getting up at 5:30am okay with me- great reward.
When I got home hubby was in the shower and guess who was in bed- this kratin is way over the top. Lester is not your average kitty, I am pretty sure he is a little man trapped inside a fluff of orange and white fur.

Work was actually okay. I got home to cleaned up for the events later in the evening and I found a HUGE package sitting at my door stoop- I can hardly wait to open it. This is from my knitting chicks holiday swap. We are all waiting until the 16th to open. I can hardly wait to see what lies beneath the neatly folded and taped brown paper. Thanks SWAPPER!!

Called Hubby and arranged to meet him down at the Reno Hilton for dinner (this is half way home from work for him, and he can avoid the mess of the "spaghetti bowl" traffic so it worked out perfectly)

We split Mexican and had a few drinks and into the showroom to see OZOMATLI. This is the second time we have seen them live as always they are a blast. BUT I do have to say, Reno has no idea sometimes about music. These guys are sold out for their show tonight in SanFran- but not so here. There were a lot of people there but nothing like what it was when they played in San Diego the first time we saw them a year ago.
I pretty much lost my voice from singing and hollering and generally whooping it up all night. We had a ton of fun. Here are a few pictures.

I know this last one is REALLY bad, but do you see how close I am???? They are on the floor for the closing drum circle.. How cool is that?

I would also like to give props to their opening band State Radio. They were great, and I just wish I new a few more of their tunes....But the best part is I can, they have a download on their site, YES! Here are some snaps that I took, It was cool to be up so close to the stage and not have some chick stepping on me with the heel of her 'big girl boots' or have some dude spilling beer on me.
All in all it was pretty rockin'
NOT a whole lot of time to knit in the past few days... Sorry for the lack of that content. I am hoping this weekend I can start on a few projects.


Becky said...

It looks like you are having a good time. The knitting will be there when you get back. ;)

Iris said...
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Iris said...

Hi Nessie,
The previous posting was deleted because I've made a spelling mistake...
Just wanted to say thank you for posting in my blog.
It would be nice seeing some of your finished or ongoing stained glass projects. Do you have any photos of them?