December 24, 2005

FO Anthorpology Inspired Capelet

look what I made yesterday while I was home sick. I found the pattern here (scroll down a bit and it is a free pattern download in the right hand sidebar).

I used Nashua chunky, in Oatmeal.

I am really out of it because of all the NyQuil and Theraflu running in my veins. I am walking around in a daze with by box of Puffs plus kleenex because my nose won't stop leaking. I am starting to look like Rudolph. Other than that I am great.
I am listening to "A Very Special Sedaris Christmas" on This American Life.. while hubby makes breakfast. David Sedaris has a way of getting me stoked for the holiday- go listen and laugh.

I wrapped up a few gifts for Hubby this morning when I woke up ... so now all that is left is dinner with mom tonight and church.

Enjoy the weekend everyone~


Sue said...

Sorry that you are sick. Sounds like the same thing both my hubby and I have. We barely made it around today to finish a little shopping and then wrap gifts. Tomorrow we are going to our daughter's for Christmas and then away for a week's (much needed) vacation! Hope you feel better soon! Merry Christmas.

kat said...

turned out great! have a great holiday!

Julsey said...

Nice Job on the capelet! You should model it for us. Your kitty makes a great Santa :) Hope you had a very Merry Christmas.

Enjoy the holidays!

KniTaPaLooZa said...

I am making the same one as you. I love the pattern. Kellann made it and I fell in love with it so I had to make one. I am using Baby Alpaca Grande. Yours is gorgous. Congratz.

Bonnie said...

Love the caplet. I am working on this project with a thick and thin yarn that I have had for ages. Let's see how it goes......