October 13, 2005

Surfin' at lunch

So I am bad, I have a horrible habit of multi-tasking while at work. After all, it takes so freaking long for some of the stuff I do to load that my mind has turned ADHD and I have to surf... The cool waves and salt air of the internet call my name. I see my self running and splashing about in the waters of blogville- but then I get totally sucked in by the under "toad" (that is what my sis calls it) and I can't get a breath of air, I am pulled deeper and deeper into the salty water and sand, I can't get back to what it is that I am SUPPOSED to be doing. That which I am paid to do...
BUT fortune for you, I find cool things-
Here is one of them. Check out this yarn on this link. YUMMY

On a non-yarn note, here is something worth looking over-
If you are a "Burner" (one that goes the annual Burning Man Festival) and you love the area around Gerlach, NV, check out this site.... (and even if you aren't a "Burner" but believe in re-newalbe energy sources, go check it out) It is so important that this plant doesn't open-
Sign the petition! now!

Okay, off my political soapbox, I am going back to work- gosh!


Jan said...

OMG! I wanna go to Burningman! Okay, I just started to read about it and came back to comment while I remembered.....I will go again and get lost at the Burning Man site. My hubby, God love his stodgey cremudgen ways,would never go. But I want to go and I know my son, God love his momma lovin artsie ways (hehhehehehehe), would dearly love to go and participate. Ahh, thanks for informing me.
from knittingchicks list

Nessie Noodle said...

Jan- you crack me up- It is a pretty wild and interesting event. I think everyone should check it out once- and THEN go to the playa when it isn't "burning season"- it gains a bigger apprecaition of PLACE -