September 12, 2005

Three days missing..

WOW! What an amazing weekend. Other than a bit of drama (mostly involving pets and one grouchy friend) our backpacking trip went really well. The weather was cold, cold, cold, but we still had a great time and there is just something to be said about going to a place you can't get to in a car. Boy, did that burger and beer taste yummy when we got back into South Lake Tahoe.

How does knitting fit into this? Well, other than wearing my knitted goods, (first hat and my fancy hand's fingerless gloves) it doesn't- no knitting to be had almost all weekend. Except last night I did start some slippers that will be felted. Orange!

Here are a few pictures of our adventure~ To check out more pictures go here.

Happy campers-Andy & I getting ready to set out for day two. (look I am wearing my homemade hat and fingerless gloves...See knitting makes everything better)

These two pictures are of Fallen Leaf Lake (foreground) and in the distance South Lake Tahoe~

This is Lake Aloha, or what is left of it... We were really surprised at how low the lake level was. It is a pretty bizarre landscape. Really windblown and barren- just scraped clean from the glacier that moved through. (and all that damn wind that whips through in the night- I though we were going to blow away a few times! burrr~

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