September 02, 2005

9 1/2 Stars

So here it is- my FMB.... without handles- prefelt. I add a bit of my own color to the original pattern I found on and I am really happy with the way it came out. Now I just need to get the handles finished and throw this baby in the washer~
I am calling it the 91/2 stars FMB because I didn't do the math right and I only got 1/2 a star at the very end of the round.... Such is life... Here are a few more pictures, for perspective and for detail...
9 and 1/2 stars FMB Prefelt
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tammy said...

the stars came out great! where are the AFTER felting pics??? Get busy with that new camera girl!
I am "trying" to gear myself up to do intarsia today. I started the skully bag from "hello yarn" I have done the top 18 rows & am stalled in fear of beginning the intarsia.

Nessie Noodle said...

Thanks Tammy-
Still waiting to finish the handles. I was too frustrated to do any more.
Also, waiting on a few of my girlfriends to finish their felting projects so we can do a 'bulk' load...